D90 Box (22 at $5.65 ea)

The new D90 PVC Elbow is the new alternative to using metal elbows on your downpipe, they are cheaper to use, they won’t rust like metal downpipes and you can still retain the look that a metal elbow achieves.

As well as being cost efficient they also easier to install, less time consuming for your roofer and can be used in conjunction with existing metal downpipes if required.

  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Retains the look of a metal elbow
  • Replaces the out dated conventional rounded PVC elbow
  • Flush joint for neat finish
  • Fits all 90mm stormwater pipes, including metal stormwater pipes
  • Impress your clients with a cheaper, new alternative
  • Gives a sleek finish to the design of the home
  • D90 Elbow is UPVC and Lead Free
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Can be painted to suit the facade of the home

Why spoil the appearance of a new home with out-dated conventional PVC fittings when you can use the new D90 PVC Elbow on your downpipes that will complete the picture, be cost effective and last longer than metal alternatives.

Don’t be left behind, make the change today with the new D90 PVC Elbow to your downpipes, place your order today!